Category: Good Question!

  • How to Set Off a Brown Bag Session in Your Company – In 60 Minutes

    At my current employer I successfully set off a “Brown Bag Session” with minimal effort (60 minutes), so I like to share this experience with everyone who is thinking about setting off a Brown Bag Session at her company but doesn’t know where or how to start.

  • Helpful Questions For Deciding On The New Job

    In November I switched jobs. This post features a list of questions I asked myself and the possible new employers before I decided on the new job. Switching jobs can have different reasons. I was lucky as I decided for myself to switch, so I could take my time to find a new employer and […]

  • Activity for Team-Building event: The one thing…

    The other week the team I’m working with as a Scrum Master had their first team event. We tried an activity that I found quite useful: The one thing I didn’t know about you before this meeting. Some of the team members know each other already from working together in former teams, others just joined […]

  • Retrospective activity: Significance Story

    Remind team members in a retrospective of the significance and meaningfulness of their jobs. After some bafflement they could realize again that their jobs are important and do create value. This Monday I was inspired by the following tweet: What’s a quick and effective way to motivate employees? — Eric Barker (@bakadesuyo) February 4, 2013 […]

  • Check-In Activity for Agile Retrospectives

    Fortunately retrospectives are already a standard at our company now. Not only our developers teams, but also our sales team, our team assistents and as of late also our management (surprisingly, the last.. :)) have regular retrospectives. Because it has become standard to have retrospectives there is also the chance of falling into a dull […]

  • How to Deal with Results from an Agile Retrospective?

    Have you ever heard a team complaining about results of a retrospective not being realized? I have. And it’s important to change something immediately after hearing it. Realizing the agreed improvments from the retrospective is one of the agile principles of the Agile Manifesto: At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more […]

  • Scrum of Scrum introduced. Yes!

    It’s great to witness how a company changes from somewhat “old school-ish” to something agile-like: Last week we finally started with a Scrum of Scrum and it turns out to be working pretty well only after a few days. Actually most of our teams have been working with some kind of agile process for some […]

  • NOT done!

    One of the principles behind the Agile Manifesto is maximizing the amount of work NOT done! If you really manage to do it, it is very liberating. It actually sounds very easy but is really hard to get it started and keep it going. In meetings I again and again find myself trapped in the […]