Retrospective activity: Significance Story

Remind team members in a retrospective of the significance and meaningfulness of their jobs. After some bafflement they could realize again that their jobs are important and do create value.

This Monday I was inspired by the following tweet:

I tried to work with the answer (“Remind them why their jobs are important.”) in a retrospective activity straight ahead and thought it worked quite well.
Like a User Story Form (“As [role] I want [desite] so that [benefit].”) I asked each team member to complete the following empty columns by wiriting post-its:
My work as [role] has [this concrete significance] for [target group, user]. (Significance Story)

Retrospective activity: Significance Story

In the [target group, user]-column you will find several, different post-its. Ask in the next step what the expectations might be that those users have on them as a team. Let them again write their answers on post-its and stick those in a new, empty comlumn.

Finally let the team decide in a discussion which “Top 3” of the user’s expectations they want to measure up to preferentially.


2 3

Be surprised about the outcome.
In my case the team wanted to measure up to the exectation of being a team that creates value and that makes a difference. 🙂