Really listening

At the moment I’m reading “Agile Coaching” from Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley.

It strikes me, how much of the things they describe as the basics I’ve naturally done in the last years. Nevertheless one of the most important, easiest but also hardest things is to really listen to & to really pay attention to your colleagues when they are talking to you.

A lot of colleagues visit me in my office these days. It’s ok that most of them ignore that I’m either actually working on something or am just about to leave for a meeting; they simply jump in…
For a couple of days I find myself restarting in those situations:
I’m listening to what my colleague has to say, I’m trying to be open and relaxed, I allow silence in the conversation and try to pay my complete attention to the colleague.

We all know it’s important. It sounds easy. But it’s hard.