Category: Agile Coaching

  • DIY Flipchart for less than 15€

    Most of the or rather all Agile folks love to work with flipchart when presenting or workshoping. Some are so obsessed with the “flipchart-marker-visual-facilitation-universe” that you could think they have a Neuland tatoo. 🙂 Or they want to have a flipchart even at their home. Like me! 😉 In this post I will write about […]

  • Checklist for Scrum Masters

    You are a Scrum Master and you have the feeling, that your team “actually works fine” OR You are a Scrum Master and you would like to check what else there is to do to help your team to improve? OR You are a Scrum Master and you are looking for confirmation that you are doing the right thing?

  • LEGO Serious Play: Modeling & Story-Telling

    Some weeks ago I attended the “StrategicPlay® Fundamentals Facilitator Training” at the StrategicPlay® headquarters and have used elements of LEGO Serious Play™ (LSP) quite some time with teams since then. As a Playmobil® fan it is “shocking” to see how easy you can use LSP for solving complex problems or helping team members to understand […]

  • Agile Team Retrospective Activities: Starfish & Team Radar

    Variety in retrospective activities are definitely necessary. The more retrospectives I do, the more I’m getting tired of using the same method over and over again. And hey, this will most probably bore the teams I work with as well. Therefore it’s good to challenge the team AND you with new retrospective techniques. In the […]

  • Soft Agile Transition: Slowly from nowhere to Scrum

    Lean Thinking is what I’m trying to learn and adopt at the moment. What a perfect coincidence that I stumbled over Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum from Craig Larman and Bas Vodde. On page 54 they describe Kaizen, one of the crucial Lean Principles, as a plausible “inspect […]

  • NOT done!

    One of the principles behind the Agile Manifesto is maximizing the amount of work NOT done! If you really manage to do it, it is very liberating. It actually sounds very easy but is really hard to get it started and keep it going. In meetings I again and again find myself trapped in the […]

  • Really listening

    At the moment I’m reading “Agile Coaching” from Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley. It strikes me, how much of the things they describe as the basics I’ve naturally done in the last years. Nevertheless one of the most important, easiest but also hardest things is to really listen to & to really pay attention to […]