Checklist for Scrum Masters

You are a Scrum Master and you have the feeling, that your team “actually works fine” OR You are a Scrum Master and you would like to check what else there is to do to help your team to improve? OR You are a Scrum Master and you are looking for confirmation that you are doing the right thing?


Then  Michael James’s Scrum Master Checklist will help you.

The checklist offers questions that will challenge you:

  • Part 1 – How is my Product Owner doing?
  • Part 2 – How is my Team doing?
  • Part 3 – How are our Engineering Practices doing?
  • Part 4 – How is the Organisation doing?

Additionally: My colleague Urs Reupke and me were doing the translation for the ScrumMaster Checlist in German.

Please comment if you think that a question is missing.
Please comment if you could check all items on the checklist.

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