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  • Checklist for Scrum Masters

    You are a Scrum Master and you have the feeling, that your team “actually works fine” OR You are a Scrum Master and you would like to check what else there is to do to help your team to improve? OR You are a Scrum Master and you are looking for confirmation that you are doing the right thing?

  • Using Scrum on our Trip to Barcelona

    Similar to an Agile software development project you normally want to get the best possible ROI (Return of Invest) from your holiday. We tried to use Scrum on our short trip to Barcelona. 🙂

  • SWOT Matrix: Validating results after 4 months

    Have you ever used the SWOT Matrix? Did the results bring about a decision? And then? Have you used the results after some time to validate your decision again? This post describes how I used a SWOT Matrix to help a team to try working with Scrum. After 4 months we validated what we thought […]

  • “Sexy Not-So-Sexy Tasks” Retrospective Activity

    In one of the last retrospectives a team member complained about the “not very sexy” tasks the team had to do. Well, we all know that life is not all beer and skittles. Nevertheless I think, the team member was actually pointing out, that the “sexiness” of tasks can have impact on the general motivation […]

  • Check-In Activity for Agile Retrospectives

    Fortunately retrospectives are already a standard at our company now. Not only our developers teams, but also our sales team, our team assistents and as of late also our management (surprisingly, the last.. :)) have regular retrospectives. Because it has become standard to have retrospectives there is also the chance of falling into a dull […]

  • Soft Agile Transition: Slowly from nowhere to Scrum

    Lean Thinking is what I’m trying to learn and adopt at the moment. What a perfect coincidence that I stumbled over Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum from Craig Larman and Bas Vodde. On page 54 they describe Kaizen, one of the crucial Lean Principles, as a plausible “inspect […]

  • Scrum of Scrum introduced. Yes!

    It’s great to witness how a company changes from somewhat “old school-ish” to something agile-like: Last week we finally started with a Scrum of Scrum and it turns out to be working pretty well only after a few days. Actually most of our teams have been working with some kind of agile process for some […]

  • A Burndown Chart is much more than Traffic Lights

    This post is a wonderful example of me being a project manager struggling to become an agile coach: As a project manager I loved to show the status of a project via traffic lights (see image below). I always pinned those traffic lights on the team board and every developer could move his or her […]

  • 3 Retrospectives in 2 Days

    Last week I had retrospectives with three different agile teams within 2 days. I love retrospectives and a retrospective meeting is one of the first agile things I try to establish when I start working with a team. Every team needs to get used to the advantages of retrospectives though… The agenda for retrospectives always […]